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Your organization will have to face financial and criminal consequences when a lack of due diligence is shown, even by ignorance. Do not let fraud, money laundering, corruption, conflict of interest and other offenses ruin your business. N2501 Consulting will help you preventing the worst!

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Do you need to implement Compliance and Ethics Risk Management Programs? Do customers or agencies require you to demonstrate that your programs are really performing?

Our firm will help you develop, implementing and maintaining your own compliance programs against corruption, money laundering, fraud, terrorist financing, conflicts of interest and other unlawful conducts. Our team has extensive experience of the ISO19600: 2014 compliance management systems to embed under one unique system all compliance programs.
Including compliance with anti money laundering and terrorist financing ordinances from Superintendencia Financiera and Superintendencia de Sociedades. [in Colombia]

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Do you plan an international expansion? A foreign company maybe asked your Ethics & Compliance officer about FCPA * CFPOA, UKBA, USSC Guidelines, Dodd Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley?

You have two options: (i) we create your programs form scratch, or (ii) we adjust your existing programs to comply with international requirements.

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Does your business suffer unexplained losses? Are you suspicious about the probity of your employees and suppliers?

Fraud is real money that belongs to your organization, N2501 Consulting will carry out an internal investigation in coordination with your legal department to recover your property and If you want we will train your internal fraud examiners.

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Do you need to create a code of ethics, a code of business practices, guidelines for the Ethics Committee? Do you want to avoid being sued for plagiarism after Internet content copy/paste?

One size doesn’t fit all. We create easily understandable documentation based on your culture and business practice. Simple, accurate and easily understandable.

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Do you have trouble communicating with all stakeholders in your business ecosystem? Would you need an Ethics line?

N2501 Consulting developed a technological communication platform to manage whistleblowing, ethical dilemmas, workplace harassment even a Psychological assistance hotline among other things. Monitoring formal communication, gossips and tips of all kind will help you detecting up to 42% of the frauds occurring within your organization. **

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Does your industry is opportune to conflicts of interest? Do you want to avoid the legal consequences of abuse?

Jurisprudence assimilates hidden or undeclared conflicts of interest as acts of corruption that can lead to a second indictment for money laundering. Using our « DCI » platform to report and monitor you will be able to control conflict of interest and demonstrate your due diligence. Then our risk decision matrix will help you to cut clean every risky situation and abuse.

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Does your organization want to create its own department of Ethics and Compliance?

Let’s talk about our 4 steps schedule: selection, education, transfer, independence. We literally transfer our know how to your team not only for the current requirements, but also to keep you autonomous to face further changes in regulations.

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Corporate Profile

Providing Peace of Mind Ethical & Compliant Business Continuity solutions to conduct business in an efficient & profitable manners.

N2501 Consulting is a privately held Canadian company with more than 15 years experience providing business continuity and Reputational risk management. The firm is organized in 2 business units: Fraud Prevention and Ethics & Compliance.

The company is expanding in South America within the area of fraud investigation, Ethics, anti Corruption, anti money laundering, Financing of Terrorism and conflicts of interests.

We operate in Canada and in Colombia. Occasionally we accompany customer operations in other countries.

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